Online Apps For Sharing Documents, Busy People Should Install Them

In this modern life, there are many kinds of app that can help to do anything easier. Technology contains many interesting aspects more than we think. There are many things that we never expect before which can help us to live easier. Indeed, we usually need an app or technology to help us in working and others. The most needed app for working is the apps for sharing documents. By this information, we will show you the online apps for sharing documents that busy people should know about this.

1. Dropmark App

The first from this list of online apps for sharing documents is the Dropmark app. Dropmark app provides a simple way for people to easily sharing documents by upload on the cloud. You can upload the document in private and let your partner in other places to download. thus, you will easily share the document without giving the document directly by print out. Moreover, the Dropmark also provides drag and drop facility. Therefore, you don’t need to be confused when uploading the document. You can easily drag the document.

2. Dropbox App

Another sharing document app is Dropbox. This app is the most famous cloud storage which makes people able to save any kind of document online. Except for the storage service, Dropbox also provides a sharing document service. We can easily save and store documents on the folder, then we can make a sharing group to share with other members of the group. You can easily download this app and install it on your smartphone. Thus, you can easily share and get the documents whenever and whatever the conditions.

3. Hightail App

Almost the same as Dropbox, Hightail also provide a storage cloud for online. In hightail, people can easily store and share the documents amounts of 2GB. In addition, hightail provides a security program to make your documents safe. By the security programs, we will not worry about the secret document. The security programs include password, identity verifications, and also file tracking. This app is suitable for people who need to share an important and secret document to their partner.

4. Sugarsync App

Another great app for sharing and store documents is the Sugarsync app. This app allows you to browse, sync, and also access the document that you have stored on the cloud storage. Moreover, you can also share your document on your cloud storage with others. If you want to share with the public, you might generate public sync. But if you want to share in private, you can add permission sync or private sync. Thus, you can choose whether the document is private or public.

5. Google Drive App

The last app for sharing a document is the Google Drive app. This app is commonly available as basic apps in android. Google Drive has the same function as the previous app. It can be a storage cloud for store documents, videos, and many others. Moreover, this app also provides sharing documents program to share the documents with others. In addition, the owner of the document might choose who can access and see the documents.

Those are the five online apps for sharing documents. By having the sharing document’s app, we can easily share any kind of document without worry about lateness.

Online Apps For Reading Books You Should Try

Nowadays, technology has reached the highest era where we can do almost everything using a smartphone. Also, it happens in the reading sector. We start to leave papers as the main ingredient to make some books. It caused a lot of emissions also broke our forest because it made from wood fiber. There are available many online apps for reading books we can use.

The internet succeeds to make our life easier than ever before. We can reach many things from a different country from our bedroom or somewhere else. It also makes us connected with a lot of books from over the world. On the other hand, we will no longer feel any difficulties and bring a heavy bag while moving on. Here are some of the best online apps for reading books you can download and use anywhere!

1. Amazon Kindle

This is one of the greatest online apps for reading books we can highly recommend for you. You can easily download this app on your smartphone and then find many attractive books on there. However, Amazon Kindle has almost all genres such as historical, fiction, non-fiction and many more. Above all, you don’t need to be worry about your reading list when you open on another device because it will be autosaved.

2. Nook

Nook app is connected with so many online book stores from over the world. You can easily find your favorite books on there with just installed this app only. For example, Nook has a connection with Barnes and Noble so you can find entire books there in Nook. You should buy the book before it appears in your library and then you can enjoy it forever.

3. Google Play Books

This is the biggest startup on online apps reading for reading books you can find. As you expect from Google, this application will give you many great features. You can find almost all the books from over the world in this application. There available many genres of the novel, magazines, course readings, and also comics. Above all, you can read some of the first parts of each book before you decided to buy it.

4. Wattpad

Doesn’t like other online books application, Wattpad offers you a lot of free content. You can find many new writers and also an expert one while you using this application. Not only reading, but Wattpad also offers you one feature where you can write and post your book. It can be the best application to start your career as a writer.

5. eReader Prestigio

Another best application for reading you can download on your smartphone is eReader Prestigio. This application is support for over 25 different languages, large enough right? You can find and download more than 50,000 different books with this application. Besides, while you want to read a book with dim light, you can use night mode to comfort your eyes.

These are some of the best online apps for reading books you can download on your smartphone. You don’t need to be worried when you can find your favorite books on the offline store. Because now you have a smartphone who can make you keep in touch with many books.

Things You Should Know From Apple iPhone SE2

If you are dreaming of a small iPhone, then prepare yourself to welcome the Apple iPhone SE2 in 2020. In this article, we try to list the leaks of the phone’s details, like the features, design, until the price and release date. Since Apple discontinued the original model of SE in September 2018, Apple replaced it with the iPhone XR. Unfortunately, it seems like the product didn’t satisfy the fans. Seeing from the screen size, the iPhone XR was not as small as the SE had before.

Apple iphone SE2

Some people said that it was a mistake for Apple to take out the SE series from the market. Just because Apple wanted to give a room for the new models, it didn’t have to remove its smallest and most affordable phone from its lineup. People were happy with the first iPhone SE because it had the best budget at $350. Through that cost, you got the high-definition screen of a modern smartphone and a great performance. Now, it is time to know more about the next generation of the Apple iPhone SE2 below:

1. Release Date and Price

The release date is planned in the spring of 2020. So, it is probably in March 2020. From the trusted media, Bloomberg reported in January 2020 that the suppliers already assembled the phone in February 2020. The launching event would be set at the same time as the Apple spring event. You would flashback to the moment when the first SE launching was in March 2017. Talking about the price, people predict that the number won’t be more than $400.

2. The Design

This phone will be available in grey, red, and silver finishes. So, it might a little bit the same as the previous SE model. But, however, the Apple iPhone SE2 won’t exactly duplicate the first SE, the design and hardware more similar to the iPhone 8’s, such as the full-screen and home button-free design. Also for the dimensions, it will have the same dimensions too.

3. The Processor

You will find the same processor as in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max inside the SE2. This phone is completed with the A13 processor which offers you the 3GB RAM. As for the chip, the A10 Fusion chip is here, just like in the iPhone 7.

4. The Screen and Camera

The previous screen came out with 4 inches, so as the difference, this new iPhone SE2 will have a 4.7 screen. While if you are curious about the camera, the 5Mp or 7Mp FaceTime camera with Retina Flash is all you get. The rest of the camera features are quite similar to the current model, for example, no bump.

5. The Features

Don’t expect too much for the new features inside this phone. For example, the Face ID will be similar to the iPhone 8, starts from the design and the spec. But, in the Apple iPhone SE2, you can enjoy the wireless charging. This phone would have a glass back panel that supports wireless charging.

With some information spread recently, it doesn’t stop people to keep speculating how the Apple iPhone SE2 would be. We just hope that this new model won’t be discontinued like the previous one. Because people are now happy to wait for this little phone.

Sports Betting Moves Ahead In The United States

With the Supreme Court of the United States having prepared for battle for sports wagering by proclaiming that PASPA is unlawful, an enormous number of American states have just settled games wagering systems. This thing takes a gander at three of the most recent endeavors.

The territory of Mississippi prepared is debut sports wager on August 14, 2018 at Caesars Entertainment claimed Horseshoe Casino and Hotel at Tunica. The games wagering stage was the outstanding OpenBet item suite from Scientific Games Corporation. This was caught up with the dispatch of the stage at Harrah’s Gulf Coast in Biloxi on August 20. On this event, Chris Armes, Chief Technology Officer for SG Digital, said that OpenBet sportsbook stage gives the following level encounters to sports wagering players. It is versatile to administrator prerequisite and can be executed with extraordinary speed as has been appeared in the association with Caesars in Mississippi. Keith O’Loughlin, additionally from SG Digital, stated, “This is our fourth property propelled in three weeks, and these underlying establishments are preparing for stunning income development for our accomplices… “. Logical Games’ arrangement with Caesars additionally incorporates setting up the games wagering framework at its property in Atlantic City, New Jersey, which went live on July 30.

Rhode Island has chosen IGT and William Hill to give sports wagering in the state. The agreement has been granted through Rhode Island Lottery for start to finish sports wagering administrations at the state’s authorized video lottery and table game foundations, Twin River Casino and Twin River Tiverton Casino. Sports wagering tasks are required to go live by mid-November. The agreement is for a time of five years, restoration by shared assent. Gerald Aubin, Rhode Island Lottery Director, said that with the presentation of sanctioned games wagering the state will use world-class assets to give the most ideal games wagering experience for the benefactors. Rhode Island is the primary lottery to set up sports wagering tasks post-PASPA.

IGT has additionally gotten a break permit by the West Virginia Lottery Commission to give its PlayShot coordinated games wagering stage in the state. Gambling club administrators in West Virginia would now be able to choose to collaborate with IGT to partake in the quickly advancing U.S. sports wagering market. IGT is as of now a pioneer in land based and slot online gambling club gaming. It is currently picking up force in spearheading sports wagering over the United States. Enrico Drago, IGT Senior Vice President, said that betting controllers the nation over are recognizing the unwavering quality, security and market-preparation of IGT’s PlayShot arrangement.

How To Connect Airpods To Macbook, All You Need To Know

AirPods usually use for listening to music, movie or others on the iPhone. But some people conduct different things about AirPods. They use AirPods for anything else such as for MacBook. The fact that the AirPods is usually paired with the iPhone is not guaranteed that people really use AirPods for iPhone. But, what if you want to know how to connect AirPods to MacBook?

how to connect airpods to macbook

Connecting AirPods to MacBook

Sometimes, they also want to listen and see a movie on larger screens such as the MacBook while using AirPods. Thus, they pair the AirPods to the MacBook to get a more comfortable screen to watch a movie. then, how to connect AirPods to MacBook? Here’s how to do it:

1. AirPods Case

The first thing you need to do about how to connect AirPods to MacBook is opening the AIrpods Case. Then, after opening the AIrPods case, you should find the pairing button. This button is the setting that will help you to connect the AirPods with MacBook. The button is located on the backside of the Airpods case. After finding the button, press the button and hold it.

2. Apple Menu Setting

Finding the AirPods case and Pressing the Pairing Button, you need to open the Apple menu on your iPhone. The next step is clicking the preference system option. Next, click the Bluetooth option. After finding the Bluetooth option, choose the option AirPods. Then you will see the list. From the list, you will see the connection between AirPods and iPhone. Hit the pair and you can use the AirPods to your MacBook.

3. Connect The AirPods Into Macbook

Actually, AirPods and handset are almost the same. The similarity is both of them can be used for listening to something on the smartphone. Moreover, the place to connect both handset and AIrPods to the smartphone is the same. you can connect the AIrPods in handset place.

The Condition After Moving The AirPods From iPhone

The way about how to connect AirPods to MacBook is not a difficult thing to do. Thus, many people try to do this action. Except for the easiest, moving the AirPods from iPhone can give you benefit such as use the AirPods for MacBook. But, after moving the AirPods, your Air pods will show some differences conditions. The difference is about losing a functional.

After moving the AirPods into other iPhone such as MacBook, AirPods will lose its ability to pause automatically. When AirPods are on iPhone, the AirPods are able to pause automatically. It pauses automatically when you remove the AIrPods from your ears. Therefore, you don’t need to pause the music or movie you see. Another loosen ability is the double-tap feature. It changes into a play or pause button.

The main function of AirPods is to help you listen to sound easily such as listening to music or watching movies and other activities. AirPods commonly used for iPhone. but in fact, you can use AirPods to other Objects such as MacBook and Android. You can move it randomly. Find the tutorial about how to connect AirPods to MacBook or others. Then, follow the instruction while moving the AirPods. Good luck everyone.

What’s New From Samsung In 2020 For Its Gadgets

Samsung has been one of the most famous and successful brands for electronic devices. It creates many kinds of electronics and technologies as well. However, even though it has several sectors in it, the most popular sector is the smartphone. Until now, Samsung is still keeping up with new features and designs for the market. People have been waiting for what’s new from Samsung in 2020.

what's new from samsung in 2020

Samsung is categorized as a premium device that has an upper price in the handphone market. Even though, a lot of people in the world are still willing to use Samsung. Moreover, Samsung is having nearly competition with the iconic brand, the iPhone. Not only for the handphones but also for other smart gadgets. To keep it up, Samsung has been preparing new products in the following. Here is the list of what’s new from Samsung in 2020.  

1. The New Samsung S20

Rather than naming the new product with the following Samsung S11, the brand decided to use Samsung S20. It is because it would represent the year of 2020. Still competing with iPhone especially for the iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung is keeping it up, The new Samsung S20 would appear with a greater design than before. Moreover, for the materials, camera, assembly, and also features of technologies.

2. The Upgraded Galaxy Fold 2

The next thing on what’s new from Samsung in 2020 is the Galaxy Fold 2. In 2019, Samsung has released the first-ever a folding smartphone. Even though it is quite expensive, the presale has gone sold out in many countries. Despite the successful sale, it still needs more improvements. That is why Samsung is repairing the first edition and going to release the Galaxy Fold 2 in 2020.

3. Samsung’s 5G Device

Being one step ahead of all brands, Samsung is ready to provide a device with a 5G feature. Moreover, in the United States, Samsung is the first smartphone to release a 5G device. With 5G, users would be able to have a faster speed connection. Not only that but also a more widespread as well.

4. The Original Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds would be on the next list of what’s new from Samsung in 2020. Compared to other brands and the previous edition, the new edition would be a greater version. Not only would it have a better battery life, but also better sound quality and faster charging as well.

5. Samsung’s A Galaxy Series

Besides the S series from Samsung, the A series has also been a hit in the smartphone mid-range market. However, Samsung is starting to lose the market in several countries to other brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. That is why Samsung is getting ready to retake the market with a new product for the mid-range market. However, people would still need to wait for further information from Samsung.

Even though Samsung has already a big number in the market, they still need to keep up on the work. That is why there would be several things on what’s new from Samsung in 2020. Well, let’s wait for the big surprise!

What Does A Smart Home Consist Of? Here’s The Answer

Do you know about the smart home? In this modern life, home is not just a simple home but it is more than just a home. You might ever hear about the smart home. A smart home is a home with an internet-connected device in order to control and manage some parts of the home by a remote system. The smart home is different from the common home. While the common home just contains common furniture, design, and shape, then the smart home has the uniqueness in all of those parts. Then, what makes the smart home unique? What does a smart home consist of?

what does a smart home consist of

1. Smart TVs

If you asking about what does a smart home consist of, the answer is a smart TV. Smart TV is the simple thing that smart home usually has. The smart TV means TV that has a connection with the internet. Then, you can access anything such as application, video, music, and many others. By smart TV, you can access everything you want. You can get a more interesting time and interesting activities on smart TV.

2. Smart Lighting Systems

The smart lighting system is the basic system of the smart home. In a smart lighting system, the light will adjust the situation of the occupants. The smart lighting system can detect the occupants whether they are at home or not. Therefore, the occupants do not need to turn light the lamp, because the lamp will turn on by itself after detecting the presence of the occupants.

Not only detecting the occupants, but the smart lighting system can also adjust the lighting based on the need such as at night and day. If there is sunlight, the smart lighting system will decrease the lighting and vice versa.

3. Smart Lock Systems

The smart lock system is the security system of the smart home. The smart home doesn’t seem complete if there is no smart lock inside the smart home. It contains a door lock and garage lock. The smart lock can allow or block people to come into the smart home. It also can detect the presence of someone near the garage or door. The smart lock will allow people to come into the smart home based on the decision of the occupants in the smart home.

4. Smart Security Systems

The smart security system will detect the occupants in the smart home whether it is the owner of the smart home, visitors, pets, or others. The smart security system also contains the smart motion lock that can detect all of the motion of the occupants. Therefore, the smart security system can control all of the suspicious activity inside the smart home.

5. Smart Thermostats

The smart thermostat is the system that controls the temperatures of the smart home. It can immediately and automatically provide comfortable temperatures for the occupants of the house. This system also can determine the energy use that occurs in the smart home.

Then are you interested to have the smart home? Have you known the answer to the question of what does a smart home consist of? That is the explanation about the system or the features that occur inside the smart home. The smart home means the house that automatically able to do anything without complicated.

Best Touchscreen Laptop to Buy This Year

Technology has been developing quite fast these past few years. In the old days, people usually use computers for daily needs. But as time pass, computers are now changed with laptops that are now also developing like tablets. Laptops are now very advanced and have many features that people can use for many functions. One of the biggest development of laptops is having touchscreen screens. These days there are many best touchscreen laptop people can buy at an affordable price. They are not expensive anymore because almost all brands can provide advanced laptops. 

For those who are looking for a laptop this year, try to find a touchscreen laptop that is multifunction. The best touchscreen laptop can be for professionals to do their daily work. They are usually lightweight and separate screens and keyboards. The price is also variance, from cheap ones to expensive use for professionals. Here are some of the top best laptops people should choose: 

1. HP Spectre X360 

This is one of the best laptops in 2019 which delivers incredible performance for the users. The laptop is very flexible, people can even fold it in half and use the touch screen only. This is one of the best touchscreen laptop professionals can use for hard or heavy work. One of the great benefits of this laptop is the amazing gem-cut design and long-life battery. People can use the screen only and use it for sketching and noting. 

2. HP Chromebook x2

Students who are looking for a speedy Chrome OS should choose the HP Chromebook x2. There are many kinds of Chromebook in the market, but this is one of the most affordable and easy to use. People can take the screen off and use it as a tablet only. So, by buying this laptop people can get two things at the same time. The screen itself offers a health and shining 2,400 x 1,600 resolution which shows clear pictures. 

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

This high and updated laptop has a complete package for those who need a high -tech laptop. The laptop is updated with a window 10 making it updated with all the new features. Connect the keyboard with, therefore the best touchscreen laptops this year is available. The design is slim and lightweight, therefore people can easily bring them anywhere

4. Dell Inspiron 14

A more affordable laptop that people can for under than $500, choose the Dell Inspiron 14. This is a solid laptop that has a great function but is very affordable. Even though it is cheaper than other laptops, people can get a 1080P display. Even though the screen can’t be pulled off, the laptop is still very flexible. 

5. Microsoft Surface Go

This is a great laptop for students who are looking for a durable laptop with a touchscreen feature. Just like surface Pro 6, the screen and the keyboard can be separated. The features are also advanced but adjusting the needs of students. Many of the features are the same as the Pro6, but it does have a lower resolution. But overall, this laptop is the best choice for students.

So, if you are looking for the best touchscreen laptop try to review some of these laptops first and compare them. They have great features and technology that are very useful for users. Adjust your budget and buy the best ones for your use. 

Guides on How to Factory Reset Laptop

When people want their laptop like it was when they first bought it, they need to factory reset laptop. This progress would restart the laptop and delete everything inside of it, leaving the original’s laptop file. To do it, people do not have to visit the laptop store. However, people could simply do it on their own if they know the steps on how to factory reset laptop.

There are several options that people could do while restoring their laptops. People could restore it with or without an installation CD. Also, there are other steps to do it. Moreover, each laptop program has a different way on how to factory reset laptop. Make sure to know what kind of system laptop is, to do a complete clean restore. For those who use Windows 7, here the options and steps to reset a laptop.

1. Using an Installation CD

Usually, on the purchase, there would an installation disc that is included. People could use the disc for the restore progress. With using an installation disc, people could run a startup repairment from the disc by using the F8 button. Another way is by downloading an easy recovery essential. When the process is finished, restart the laptop.

2. Without an Installation Disc

If there is no installation Disc, people could still boot the laptop. However, people would need to use a safe mode from the command prompt before running the system restore. To enter the command prompt, press and the F8 Button on the keyboard. After that, type a command “rstrui.exe” and press enter. Another option after holding the F8 button is using the advanced boot option.

3. Access the System Restore

Another way on how to factory reset laptop is by using the system restore on the laptop. Type “system restore” on the search bar. And then choose the “a different restore point” option and click on it. After that, follow the instruction on it. After the process is finished, the laptop would reboot. When the process is complete, a message would appear.

4. Re-installing the Windows again

An easy way on how to factory reset laptop is by reinstalling the window on the laptop. Insert the disc that installs the Windows into the disc tray. An Install Window would appear on the screen and then follow the following steps. Choose the “Install Now” option and the laptop would reinstall the Windows again. The procedure would erase everything on the laptop.

5. Using the Easy Recovery Essentials

The other option to restore the laptop is by using the “Easy Recovery Essentials”. To start the steps, firstly use an Automated Repair on the laptop. And then “find and fix errors” automatically in it. The laptop would recover using a built-in antivirus. After that, the restore program would start. This system would erase the files on the laptop.

When following the steps on how to factory reset laptop, make sure there are no important files left behind. Once the laptop has been restored, people could not access the old data anymore. If people still do not understand, try to find the tutorial on YouTube.

Harmful Apps for Android that Users Better Avoid

People use a lot of kinds of applications on their android. People could simply download an application from the Google Play Store to get the application they needed. Some applications are free while others need a payment. However, there are some harmful apps for android. That is why it is important to run a safety check before downloading. Reading the terms and conditions is also necessary to avoid bad applications.

Applications could be dangerous for androids because it might bring some malware. This could slow down the phone’s performance and even damage it. Moreover, harmful apps for android could collect data from the user’s handphone. The app could easily take personal information and even steal money from the bank account. Here are some applications that are better to avoid because it is some suspicious apps.

1. Unknown Antivirus Program

Since there is a lot of viruses, hacking and stealing from online, companies started to create mobile antivirus applications. However, not the entire antivirus is safe. Some of the antiviruses are even made by hackers. That is why people must choose a trusted one. Worst things could happen when people download and use the wrong app. The hackers could steal their personal data and block the phone completely.

2. An Optimizer App

The next harmful apps for android are optimizers. Usually, it would clean master, housekeeper, and other kinds. These applications claim to clear cache and delete the unnecessary program. However, these programs do not actually make a faster system and are useless. Instead, it would slow down the android. Also, strange video ads would often suddenly appear on the handphone.

3. Weather Application

The weather application is useful for the owners. However, there is a lot of virus that comes within. Some app has a virus that could collect data from the user’s phone and then send it to the hackers. Nowadays, the app is even interested in credit card data. Therefore it is better to check the weather through the browser which is easier and faster.

4. Browsers that Offers More Features

A browser that offers additional features like streaming and watching videos are harmful apps for android. Firstly, these apps could cause a lot of built-in ads that are untrusted. The ads could be annoying and it slows down the system. Secondly, the app could access to call the users, which is very unsafe. It is better for users to download two separated app but it is saver than using one trouble maker app.

5. The App that increases RAM

There are some applications that could increase the amount of RAM. However, the truth is that no application could add the RAM on a phone that users initially have. The app would just clean the cache for a while. The app would not only make storage on the phone full but also it could take the data on the phone.

People must be careful when downloading an unknown application. Rather than getting a useful app, people would get damages and thief data. One of the things to avoid harmful app for android is to check the ratings and reviews on the application.