Best Touchscreen Laptop to Buy This Year

Technology has been developing quite fast these past few years. In the old days, people usually use computers for daily needs. But as time pass, computers are now changed with laptops that are now also developing like tablets. Laptops are now very advanced and have many features that people can use for many functions. One of the biggest development of laptops is having touchscreen screens. These days there are many best touchscreen laptop people can buy at an affordable price. They are not expensive anymore because almost all brands can provide advanced laptops. 

For those who are looking for a laptop this year, try to find a touchscreen laptop that is multifunction. The best touchscreen laptop can be for professionals to do their daily work. They are usually lightweight and separate screens and keyboards. The price is also variance, from cheap ones to expensive use for professionals. Here are some of the top best laptops people should choose: 

1. HP Spectre X360 

This is one of the best laptops in 2019 which delivers incredible performance for the users. The laptop is very flexible, people can even fold it in half and use the touch screen only. This is one of the best touchscreen laptop professionals can use for hard or heavy work. One of the great benefits of this laptop is the amazing gem-cut design and long-life battery. People can use the screen only and use it for sketching and noting. 

2. HP Chromebook x2

Students who are looking for a speedy Chrome OS should choose the HP Chromebook x2. There are many kinds of Chromebook in the market, but this is one of the most affordable and easy to use. People can take the screen off and use it as a tablet only. So, by buying this laptop people can get two things at the same time. The screen itself offers a health and shining 2,400 x 1,600 resolution which shows clear pictures. 

3. Microsoft Surface Pro 6

This high and updated laptop has a complete package for those who need a high -tech laptop. The laptop is updated with a window 10 making it updated with all the new features. Connect the keyboard with, therefore the best touchscreen laptops this year is available. The design is slim and lightweight, therefore people can easily bring them anywhere

4. Dell Inspiron 14

A more affordable laptop that people can for under than $500, choose the Dell Inspiron 14. This is a solid laptop that has a great function but is very affordable. Even though it is cheaper than other laptops, people can get a 1080P display. Even though the screen can’t be pulled off, the laptop is still very flexible. 

5. Microsoft Surface Go

This is a great laptop for students who are looking for a durable laptop with a touchscreen feature. Just like surface Pro 6, the screen and the keyboard can be separated. The features are also advanced but adjusting the needs of students. Many of the features are the same as the Pro6, but it does have a lower resolution. But overall, this laptop is the best choice for students.

So, if you are looking for the best touchscreen laptop try to review some of these laptops first and compare them. They have great features and technology that are very useful for users. Adjust your budget and buy the best ones for your use.