Guides on How to Factory Reset Laptop

When people want their laptop like it was when they first bought it, they need to factory reset laptop. This progress would restart the laptop and delete everything inside of it, leaving the original’s laptop file. To do it, people do not have to visit the laptop store. However, people could simply do it on their own if they know the steps on how to factory reset laptop.

There are several options that people could do while restoring their laptops. People could restore it with or without an installation CD. Also, there are other steps to do it. Moreover, each laptop program has a different way on how to factory reset laptop. Make sure to know what kind of system laptop is, to do a complete clean restore. For those who use Windows 7, here the options and steps to reset a laptop.

1. Using an Installation CD

Usually, on the purchase, there would an installation disc that is included. People could use the disc for the restore progress. With using an installation disc, people could run a startup repairment from the disc by using the F8 button. Another way is by downloading an easy recovery essential. When the process is finished, restart the laptop.

2. Without an Installation Disc

If there is no installation Disc, people could still boot the laptop. However, people would need to use a safe mode from the command prompt before running the system restore. To enter the command prompt, press and the F8 Button on the keyboard. After that, type a command “rstrui.exe” and press enter. Another option after holding the F8 button is using the advanced boot option.

3. Access the System Restore

Another way on how to factory reset laptop is by using the system restore on the laptop. Type “system restore” on the search bar. And then choose the “a different restore point” option and click on it. After that, follow the instruction on it. After the process is finished, the laptop would reboot. When the process is complete, a message would appear.

4. Re-installing the Windows again

An easy way on how to factory reset laptop is by reinstalling the window on the laptop. Insert the disc that installs the Windows into the disc tray. An Install Window would appear on the screen and then follow the following steps. Choose the “Install Now” option and the laptop would reinstall the Windows again. The procedure would erase everything on the laptop.

5. Using the Easy Recovery Essentials

The other option to restore the laptop is by using the “Easy Recovery Essentials”. To start the steps, firstly use an Automated Repair on the laptop. And then “find and fix errors” automatically in it. The laptop would recover using a built-in antivirus. After that, the restore program would start. This system would erase the files on the laptop.

When following the steps on how to factory reset laptop, make sure there are no important files left behind. Once the laptop has been restored, people could not access the old data anymore. If people still do not understand, try to find the tutorial on YouTube.