Harmful Apps for Android that Users Better Avoid

People use a lot of kinds of applications on their android. People could simply download an application from the Google Play Store to get the application they needed. Some applications are free while others need a payment. However, there are some harmful apps for android. That is why it is important to run a safety check before downloading. Reading the terms and conditions is also necessary to avoid bad applications.

Applications could be dangerous for androids because it might bring some malware. This could slow down the phone’s performance and even damage it. Moreover, harmful apps for android could collect data from the user’s handphone. The app could easily take personal information and even steal money from the bank account. Here are some applications that are better to avoid because it is some suspicious apps.

1. Unknown Antivirus Program

Since there is a lot of viruses, hacking and stealing from online, companies started to create mobile antivirus applications. However, not the entire antivirus is safe. Some of the antiviruses are even made by hackers. That is why people must choose a trusted one. Worst things could happen when people download and use the wrong app. The hackers could steal their personal data and block the phone completely.

2. An Optimizer App

The next harmful apps for android are optimizers. Usually, it would clean master, housekeeper, and other kinds. These applications claim to clear cache and delete the unnecessary program. However, these programs do not actually make a faster system and are useless. Instead, it would slow down the android. Also, strange video ads would often suddenly appear on the handphone.

3. Weather Application

The weather application is useful for the owners. However, there is a lot of virus that comes within. Some app has a virus that could collect data from the user’s phone and then send it to the hackers. Nowadays, the app is even interested in credit card data. Therefore it is better to check the weather through the browser which is easier and faster.

4. Browsers that Offers More Features

A browser that offers additional features like streaming and watching videos are harmful apps for android. Firstly, these apps could cause a lot of built-in ads that are untrusted. The ads could be annoying and it slows down the system. Secondly, the app could access to call the users, which is very unsafe. It is better for users to download two separated app but it is saver than using one trouble maker app.

5. The App that increases RAM

There are some applications that could increase the amount of RAM. However, the truth is that no application could add the RAM on a phone that users initially have. The app would just clean the cache for a while. The app would not only make storage on the phone full but also it could take the data on the phone.

People must be careful when downloading an unknown application. Rather than getting a useful app, people would get damages and thief data. One of the things to avoid harmful app for android is to check the ratings and reviews on the application.