Snacks can have many purposes in our daily lives. They are here to satisfy hunger between the main meals, which should be their main purpose. However, we can hardly imagine watching a movie without munching on something. Also, people often eat snacks when they are nervous or simply when they are bored.

Why you should cut down on snacks

Why you should cut down on snacksFirst of all, you need to change harmful snacking habits, such as eating out of boredom or while watching a movie. These habits help you gain weight and if you choose processed, industrial snacks, it is bad for your health.

Still, there are some situations when snacks are inevitable. You can feel hungry before the lunch is cooked. You really cannot imagine watching a movie without nibbling on something. In these cases, think before you reach out for a bag of greasy potato chips or a chocolate bar packed with refined sugar. There are plenty of healthier alternatives, which will not only satisfy your cravings, but also help you boost your health.


If you generally crave for sweet food, there are better ways to satisfy these cravings from grabbing a piece of cake or a bar of chocolate. Fruit is the obvious replacement, ad it can be served in a variety of ways so you can enjoy the sweetness and the richness of taste.

greek-yoghurt-with-honeyYou can make a sweet dip by mixing low-fat Greek yoghurt with honey. Slice apples, pears, peaches or whichever fruit you like and let the dipping begin. If you are a fan of ice cream, you will be glad to know that a blended frozen banana has a rich texture just like real ice cream. You can add some cocoa, coconut flakes or other frozen fruit and create the combinations as you like.


There are plenty of healthier alternatives to processed, greasy and overly salty industrial snacks. Roasted chickpeas or homemade popcorn are the best and the fastest alternative. Also, you can make vegetable sticks and dip them in hummus, tomato sauce or Greek yoghurt with some mustard.

The options are countless, and we gave you only a few of them. Feel free to experiment and enjoy the taste of fresh, natural and healthy food.