Things You Should Know From Apple iPhone SE2

If you are dreaming of a small iPhone, then prepare yourself to welcome the Apple iPhone SE2 in 2020. In this article, we try to list the leaks of the phone’s details, like the features, design, until the price and release date. Since Apple discontinued the original model of SE in September 2018, Apple replaced it with the iPhone XR. Unfortunately, it seems like the product didn’t satisfy the fans. Seeing from the screen size, the iPhone XR was not as small as the SE had before.

Apple iphone SE2

Some people said that it was a mistake for Apple to take out the SE series from the market. Just because Apple wanted to give a room for the new models, it didn’t have to remove its smallest and most affordable phone from its lineup. People were happy with the first iPhone SE because it had the best budget at $350. Through that cost, you got the high-definition screen of a modern smartphone and a great performance. Now, it is time to know more about the next generation of the Apple iPhone SE2 below:

1. Release Date and Price

The release date is planned in the spring of 2020. So, it is probably in March 2020. From the trusted media, Bloomberg reported in January 2020 that the suppliers already assembled the phone in February 2020. The launching event would be set at the same time as the Apple spring event. You would flashback to the moment when the first SE launching was in March 2017. Talking about the price, people predict that the number won’t be more than $400.

2. The Design

This phone will be available in grey, red, and silver finishes. So, it might a little bit the same as the previous SE model. But, however, the Apple iPhone SE2 won’t exactly duplicate the first SE, the design and hardware more similar to the iPhone 8’s, such as the full-screen and home button-free design. Also for the dimensions, it will have the same dimensions too.

3. The Processor

You will find the same processor as in the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max inside the SE2. This phone is completed with the A13 processor which offers you the 3GB RAM. As for the chip, the A10 Fusion chip is here, just like in the iPhone 7.

4. The Screen and Camera

The previous screen came out with 4 inches, so as the difference, this new iPhone SE2 will have a 4.7 screen. While if you are curious about the camera, the 5Mp or 7Mp FaceTime camera with Retina Flash is all you get. The rest of the camera features are quite similar to the current model, for example, no bump.

5. The Features

Don’t expect too much for the new features inside this phone. For example, the Face ID will be similar to the iPhone 8, starts from the design and the spec. But, in the Apple iPhone SE2, you can enjoy the wireless charging. This phone would have a glass back panel that supports wireless charging.

With some information spread recently, it doesn’t stop people to keep speculating how the Apple iPhone SE2 would be. We just hope that this new model won’t be discontinued like the previous one. Because people are now happy to wait for this little phone.