What’s New From Samsung In 2020 For Its Gadgets

what's new from samsung in 2020

Samsung has been one of the most famous and successful brands for electronic devices. It creates many kinds of electronics and technologies as well. However, even though it has several sectors in it, the most popular sector is the smartphone. Until now, Samsung is still keeping up with new features and designs for the market. People have been waiting for what’s new from Samsung in 2020.

what's new from samsung in 2020

Samsung is categorized as a premium device that has an upper price in the handphone market. Even though, a lot of people in the world are still willing to use Samsung. Moreover, Samsung is having nearly competition with the iconic brand, the iPhone. Not only for the handphones but also for other smart gadgets. To keep it up, Samsung has been preparing new products in the following. Here is the list of what’s new from Samsung in 2020.  

1. The New Samsung S20

Rather than naming the new product with the following Samsung S11, the brand decided to use Samsung S20. It is because it would represent the year of 2020. Still competing with iPhone especially for the iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung is keeping it up, The new Samsung S20 would appear with a greater design than before. Moreover, for the materials, camera, assembly, and also features of technologies.

2. The Upgraded Galaxy Fold 2

The next thing on what’s new from Samsung in 2020 is the Galaxy Fold 2. In 2019, Samsung has released the first-ever a folding smartphone. Even though it is quite expensive, the presale has gone sold out in many countries. Despite the successful sale, it still needs more improvements. That is why Samsung is repairing the first edition and going to release the Galaxy Fold 2 in 2020.

3. Samsung’s 5G Device

Being one step ahead of all brands, Samsung is ready to provide a device with a 5G feature. Moreover, in the United States, Samsung is the first smartphone to release a 5G device. With 5G, users would be able to have a faster speed connection. Not only that but also a more widespread as well.

4. The Original Samsung Galaxy Buds

Samsung Galaxy Buds would be on the next list of what’s new from Samsung in 2020. Compared to other brands and the previous edition, the new edition would be a greater version. Not only would it have a better battery life, but also better sound quality and faster charging as well.

5. Samsung’s A Galaxy Series

Besides the S series from Samsung, the A series has also been a hit in the smartphone mid-range market. However, Samsung is starting to lose the market in several countries to other brands such as Xiaomi, Oppo, and Vivo. That is why Samsung is getting ready to retake the market with a new product for the mid-range market. However, people would still need to wait for further information from Samsung.

Even though Samsung has already a big number in the market, they still need to keep up on the work. That is why there would be several things on what’s new from Samsung in 2020. Well, let’s wait for the big surprise!