Regular physical activity is important for good health, good mood and good looks. Unfortunately, many people find it boring or difficult. Even if they start exercising, they do it unwillingly and quit soon. We are here to change this mindset and show you that exercise can be fun and that everyone can enjoy it. All you need to do is want to make a change in your life, and let us do the rest!



There are plenty of reasons to make a change in your life and start working out. You may want to reduce the body weight or build muscle. You may need a mood enhancement and a natural source of endorphin. You may want to improve your health, or you simply want to try something new. Whichever the reason may be, you should not wait any longer. Make a decision now, and do not hesitate to come to our studio. The journey towards a better, healthier life begins with your decision and with our knowledge and willingness to take you there.


We offer different training programs for individuals and groups. No matter your age, current strength or needs, we have something for you.

Kids’ Fitness

It is important to create good habits from early age. This is why we did not forget about the little ones. We offer fun and engaging group fitness activities for children from 3 to 15 years old. We have special age-based programs designed for them, so all the children can enjoy exercising and have fun.

Group Training Sessions

We have a range of group training session, for different needs and of different intensity. We offer yoga, pilates, HIIT trainings, core trainings and cardio trainings. You can see the schedule of activities on our website and choose the times you find the most convenient.

Personal Fitness Sessions

Aside from group fitness programs, we also offer one-on-one trainings. If you cannot fit in the schedule or simply prefer working out with trainer only, we offer this possibility as well. You can choose some of the activities we offer, but your trainer can also design a training plan just for you.


Other than group and personal programs, you can visit us and join our gym. We filled it with the best and the latest equipment to make the workout enjoyable and efficient. Our trainers will be there for you at all times to show you the exercise, help you with working out and give you useful fitness and diet tips.




Exercising helps you look better, and feel better both physically and mentally. Therefore, do not hesitate. Join us and let us take you to the journey of becoming the happiest, the healthiest and the best version of yourself!


Find your personal trainer

Ryan Erickson

Ryan Erickson

is a founder of AMCDACA so he has been here from the very start. He is a certified personal trainer, with over 10-year long experience in leading group and individual fitness classes. At our gym, he will help you become a better version of yourself, whether as a part of the group or through 1-on-1 training. When not working out and working with clients he is a blogging contributor at Flex Master General.

Marilyn Ruiz

Marilyn Ruiz

became a certified yoga instructor in 2009. She is in charge of yoga, stretch, body shape and pilates classes at our center. She has a vast experience in these fields, and she will help you shape your body and achieve a peaceful and relaxed mind. I have been using fitness equipment and workout machines for many years now, and I am happy to share my experiences with clients and our readers.

Dale Meachum

Dale Meachum

became a certified personal trainer in 2007, and he gained rich experience in this field. He has always dreamed of making a change and inspiring people to start living better. With this desire and the know-how, he came to AMCDACA in 2013 and he has been with us ever since.


We are proud to be a part of people’s change for the better. Here are a few testimonials from people who worked out with us

stev-ryanSteven Ryan

I wasn’t really into physical activity when I was younger. However, as I grew older, I realized that I need it if I want to stay healthy. Thanks to the AMCDACA, I found activities I enjoy and they helped me and kept me motivated. Thanks to them, I’ve really come a long way and I started to like working out. Thank you!


jean-orrJean Orr

Because of my job, I spend a lot of time sitting in front of the computer. It started to have consequences on my weight, but also on my back. Ryan Erickson from AMCDACA created a workout regimen for me, so I got rid of back pain and lost some weight.


thumb_03_60_60Armando Baker

“When I decided to start working out, I didn’t know where to begin. Thanks to the guys from AMCDACA I now have my favorite activities and I know which types of workout suit me best. I even learned a lot about nutrition from them. Thanks to AMCDACA, my everyday life has changed for the better and I am a new version of myself!”



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