How To Beat Binge Eating Disorder

How To Beat Binge Eating Disorder

We all overeat from time to time. What to do, one simply cannot resist their favorite cake. However, if overeating becomes a pattern, you may be suffering from a binge eating disorder. In this article, we will explain this disorder further and help you beat it successfully.

What exactly is binge eating?

Binge eating is a disorder that makes you eat uncontrollably. It is characterized by these three factors, and it is how you will recognize it:

  1. binge eatingYou feel like the urge to eat is out of your control and you can help it.
  2. After you eat, you feel extremely upset and guilty.
  3. There is no “making up” for the overeating by vomiting or over-exercising. This is what differentiates binge eating from bulimia.

Other than this, there are some other signs that appoint to binge eating. If you think about the food all the time and eat secretly, it is also one of the signs. Also, if you eat until you are sick and if you use food as a comfort, it may also mean that you suffer from binge eating disorder. It is important to recognize the signs so you can approach to healing.

Why binge eating occurs

A lot of factors can cause binge eating to occur. It most commonly occurs after a major diet, when you return to the diet regimen you had before. Also, it is most likely to appear in puberty, when hormonal levels are uneven and self-esteem is very unstable.

Stress and pressure are also common causes of binge eating. Many binge eaters look for comfort in food when they are unable to cope with stress or pressure. This turns into a pattern, which leads to the eating disorder.

Why binge eating occursVarious emotional issues can cause binge eating as well. This is particularly dangerous if people look for comfort because they feel insecure about their body. They find this comfort in food, which makes them gain weight and feel even more insecure. This creates a vicious circle that is difficult to break.

Lastly, there are some biological factors that may cause binge eating disorder. Hypothalamus may fail to send correct message about fullness. Also, lack of serotonin or improper function of pancreas can lead to this disorder.

Once you realize that you may suffer from binge eating, it is time to discover the cause, so you can beat the disorder.

Methods for beating binge eating disorder

First of all, as we mentioned, you need to realize that there is a problem and work on finding its cause. Take time to think about yourself, your life and emotions, and identify everything that may cause you to feel uneasy. Also, check the hormonal balance to see if the physiological factors are what create a problem.

After this, train yourself to become aware of what you eat. Remove all the tempting food from your fridge and pantry, and replace them by fruit and veggies. Start paying attention to what you eat instead of just stuffing the food in your mouth. Eat slowly, feel the tastes and textures, and enjoy food. Lastly, find ways to fight boredom, because it is one of the most common situations that call for binge eating. Find ways to distract yourself from food, and you will not only overcome binge eating, but spend time in a more quality way.